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Small Family Farm in the Duchy

Moving from the family farm in Wales in 2018, we were lucky enough to secure a farm tenancy, where we were determined to farm with a difference. Using a holistic approach, we ensure we put in more than we take out.

Being custodians of the land for future generations is at our core.  


About Tresemple Farm

Farming in a holistic manner, means to farm with the ecosystem in harmony. That is everything from the livestock and hundred year old oak trees, all the way down to the birds, insects and microbes in the soil, working in symbiosis.

We focus on diversity, and let nature excel at what she does best - using large herbivores to drive carbon into the soil. With the aid of a little Cornish sunshine! 
We are proud to be part of the Meadow Makers Project, creating traditional wildflower meadows, and take an active role in the Duchy of Cornwall's Natural Capital Project. 



Tresemple Farm has been certified organic since 2020, and uses absolutely NO nasties. We raise animals with native lines in them, so they are more suited to life without inputs and chemical treatments. Such as sheep who shed their own wool, and cows with more grazing capacity.  

Growing slowly and ethically, for increased nutrient density and taste. 

Our family, feeding yours.

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