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Image by Max Griss

William and Fergus' Spaghetti and Meatballs

A firm favourite here on the farm. Hidden vegetables in the meatballs adds succulence and lots of vitamins!

Cowboy Stew.png

Cowboy Stew

Every kid wants to be a proper cowboy. This recipe is very interchangeable and can be a complete meal. Made on the stove, the oven or if you're feeling authentic, over an open fire!

Lamb Curry Soup.png

Hearty Curry Soup

A regular midweek warmer, cooked slowly during the day and served with flatbreads or parathas.

Use left over lamb bones to make a rich stock. 

Osso Bucco.png

Osso Bucco Casserole

A delicious Italian style stew made with bone-in shin and vegetables.  Cooking with the marrow like this ensures the sauce has a richness and depth of flavour and is full of  vitamin B12.

Recipe Ideas

Farming life isn't all about hard work and long days, it's about enjoying delicious home-cooked meals too!
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